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How to stay safe when getting a pedicure

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How to stay safe when getting a pedicure

Don’t shave the day you get a pedicure. Your skin is your first line of defense for infection.

Be sure salon employees thoroughly drain, sanitize and rinse the footbaths between customers. Bacteria or fungal infections can be introduced from soaking your feet in the water, particularly if you have a nick, cut, bug bite or scrape. And even if the tub itself is disinfected, the potential for risk is still there: dead skin and bacteria can build up in the foot bath’s hard-to-clean water jets.

Choose a reputable nail salon that is licensed to sterilize its instruments or a salon that uses brand new tools from a sealed package for each customer. Alternatively, you can also bring your own tools to the salon.

Forgo the footbath and opt for a polish change only.

How to care for your feet at home

Try at-home pedicures whenever possible to avoid communicable diseases at salons. Here are his tips for best results:

Keep your feet moisturized. After a shower, dry off most of the water on your feet and slather on a thick moisturizer.

Exfoliate rough spots. If you have callouses from wearing high heels or open-toe shoes, use a pumice stone when your feet are wet or a pedicure foot file when your skin is dry. However, I don’t recommend that diabetics use foot files at all.

Don’t trim your nails too short and clip them straight across to prevent painful ingrown toenails.

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