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Nail salon Regina SK - Lush Beauty Spa Albert - Near me : Let the nails reflect the light and make your manicure a true eye-catcher.

As the weather gets warmer, our beauty choices brighten and lighten up from head to toe. The range of summery design is vast and limitless. You can opt for some bright colors as well as for the whole tropical sceneries, with the palm trees and oceans involved.

Tropical-themed nail art is that final thing you are missing when it comes to your perfect summer look. Tropical nail art design is all about bright colors to help you mimic the colors of nature found in tropical countries.

Tropical nails are what everyone needs when summer comes. Tropical is one of those trends where you can go kitsch, sophisticated or downright cheesy – pineapples and palm trees included!

The dreamy tropical nail designs are so appealing, and you would want to do all of them. But don’t worry, there is plenty of time to try more than one idea. Get your nails ready for summer and draw some colorful flowers, cold drinks and palm trees along with the sandy beaches and the amazing sunsets. We will be seeing a lot of neon nail polishes as well, polished in the ombre style.

It is curious how summer nails can affect your mood. The hot weather has put us in vacation mode. The tropical scenery which you’ve painted on your nails will brighten up your mood during the days at school or at the office, there’s no doubt about it!

You can either go all-tropical, or embellish just one or two fingernails (or toenails) with bright tropical patterns. The choice is all yours!

Take your nail game to the next level with these exquisite manicures. This year, it’s all about palm trees, watermelon vibes and tropical designs when it comes to nails!

You will soon be surprised when you learn that tropical nails can be extremely versatile. You can pull off anything on the scale from tropical sunset to contrasting black and white manicure with palm trees involved. Besides, you can always go as far as to play around with pink flamingos and bright abstract nail ideas.

Summer is fast approaching, so if you need some nailspiration you are at the right place. Be sunshine on a cloudy day with your new summer inspired manicure! Book a nail appointment with your manicurist soon!

Nail salon Regina SK | Lush Beauty Spa Albert | Near me